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Anne Watzman

Carnegie Mellon's Tartan Racing Team Vies for Spot in Urban Challenge

EVENT: Tartan Racing's self-driving SUV, named Boss, will demonstrate its street savvy during a site visit and inspection by representatives of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Tartan Racing is one of 53 teams contending for a spot in DARPA's Urban Challenge, a Nov. 3 race that will pit autonomous vehicles against each other on a course that simulates an urban driving environment. The top prize is $2 million.

Boss, which now is dressed in race-day paint and decals, will perform four demonstrations designated by DARPA to test its ability to navigate and to handle traffic in a setting similar to the competition. The vehicle's performance will determine whether Tartan Racing is named one of 30 semi-finalists invited to a qualification event this fall. Team members will be available for interviews throughout the event and, once the official demonstrations are complete, additional demonstrations will be performed.

WHEN: 9:30 a.m. Monday June 18.

WHERE: Robot City, located on the former LTV site in Hazelwood.

DIRECTIONS: From Downtown, head south on Second Avenue. From Oakland, take Bates Street to Second Avenue and turn left. Follow Second Avenue past the Hot Metal Bridge. To enter the LTV site, continue to go straight when the main road veers sharply to the left. (Do not go through the underpass.) Follow the signs to the parking area for the DARPA site visit.

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